Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement & Development (LEAD) for Delaware Direct Support Professionals Training

Creating a path forward for the next generation of HCBS Leaders

DHSS Division of Developmental Disabilities Services The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities

Description of the Leadership Training

The Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement, and Development (LEAD) Delaware Direct Support Professionals Training is a 9-week program focused on the growth and development of Delaware Direct Support Professionals. Each cohort of DSPs will engage in a variety of sessions and activities aimed at enhancing the confidence, knowledge, and skills of Direct Support Professionals working in the Delaware disability service system. The LEAD Training will consist of:

• A 9-week Training Series with in-person and virtual components for a cohort of up to 25 DSPs and emerging frontline leaders, designed to build a foundation for leadership development and networking building

• Ongoing access to a Community of Practice to continually engage, inform, and connect DSPs across the state

• Quarterly virtual Networking and Learning events to support continuous learning and connection for DSPs

To participate, DSPs must have the support of their organization. Each organization will pay a fee of $1815 per participating DSP. This will be reimbursed to the organization from DDDS upon completion of the Training.

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Goals of the Training

The Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement, and Development (LEAD) Delaware Direct Support Professionals Training is designed to:

• Identify and build leadership capacity within the DSP community by investing in the development of skills and strengths of DSPs and emerging frontline leaders.

• Foster growth in confidence, knowledge, and leadership skills of Direct Support Professionals in Delaware and strengthen their commitment to the disability service system.

• Demonstrate Delaware's commitment to the essential role played by DSPs in supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and in the success of the Home and Community Based Service system.

What to Expect

DSPs and emerging frontline leaders who participate in the LEAD training will:

• Engage in an interactive and intensive leadership development experience through discussions, presentations, assessments, exercises, simulations, and ongoing development projects

• Identify and build on their personal leadership strengths and skills to become more confident and intentional leaders in their organizations and the Delaware Home and Community Based System

• Learn from a range of local and national leaders who will share ideas, best practices, strategies, and resources that participants can use in their day-to-day roles

• Gain a network of frontline leaders from across the state who will continue to support, collaborate with, and celebrate each other beyond the 9 week training program

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